Wild Heart of Africa
Rowland Ward

Wild Heart of Africa

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By Rolf Baldus

The orignal Selous Game Reserve, in southern Tanzania, was established in 1896, named after the world famous hunter FC Selous in the 1920s and expanded to measure 50 000 square kilometres today. There are no people living within its boundaries and it has some of the greatest wildlife concentrations on the continent, including 70 000 elephant, over 120 000 buffalo, more than half a million antelope and a couple of thousand large carnivores roaming freely in its forests, riverine thickets, steppes and mountain ranges. The Selous has gone through periods of deep crisis when its existence was at stake and the book describes these years, the causes, remedies taken and the necessary conservation policies. Possible future scenarios are spelt out in a thought-provoking way. The contributors to this book share over a century of work in the reserve. They also share the belief that the Selous is not only the largest and oldest protected area in Africa but its also one of the finest in the world. They hope that this book will make the public aware of how important it is to conserve this World Heritage Site.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with dust jacket; 288 pages; colour photographs; fine copy

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