Under the African Sun
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Under the African Sun

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By Frank Hibben

The late Dr. Frank Hibben was a legend in the field of hunting. From his first safari in 1949 to his last one in 1997, he travelled to every African country and hunted every major and minor game animal. From his early safaris with Andrew Holmberg until his last hunts in Botswana, there have been very few animals he did not take. Before Chad, Somalia and Kenya banned hunting, he huntered such unusual animals as the eastern bongo, dibatag gazelle and addax. In addition, he had an impressive collection of ivory, which he donated to the University of New Mexico, and what is generally regarded as the biggest leopard to ever come from Kenya. These were truly impressive trophies.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 305 pages; photographs; fine copy

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