The Winds of Havoc
Rowland Ward

The Winds of Havoc

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By Adelino Serras Pires with Fiona Capstick

A frightening look at a continent under siege. As Adelino moved through sub-Saharan Africa, he repeatedly witnessed the violence and horror of armed conflict. REVISED and UPDATED! When eight-year-old Adelino Serras Pires first arrived on a boat from Portugal in 1936, Mozambique was a tropical paradise, where native tribes and Portuguese colonists lived in harmony and where vast wilderness areas held the promise of endless excitement. A few weeks into Adelino’s new life, his father took him along on a successful hunt for man-eating lions that had been terrorizing the countryside. From that point on, Adelino’s destiny was sealed – he would spend his days in the African bush, hunting for a living and living for adventure. After a childhood replete with thrilling episodes, Adelino became a major safari organizer with a client list comprising African royalty, European aristocracy and dignitaries, American astronauts and adventurers from around the world. Life in Mozambique, however, came under increasing threat to all its inhabitants as a foreign-incubated mood of violence began to take root. The Frelimo guerrilla movement, bent on ousting the Portuguese and on crushing all internal dissent, began launching attacks throughout the land. Such attacks resulted, amongst other things, in injury and death involving safari clients. This forced Adelino into a war of his own as he fought back to the end in a country that had long since become his permanent home. What follows is a frightening look at a continent under siege. As Adelino moved through sub-Saharan Africa – each time resuming his life’s ambition – he repeatedly witnessed the violence and horror of armed conflict. Like a hunter stalking its prey, it was only a matter of time before the forces of revolution brought him down too. That day came when Adelino, his son, his nephew and a fellow hunter were abducted in Tanzania and turned over to the secret police in Frelimo-controlled Mozambique. In hair-raising detail, Adelino recounts months of torture and interrogation in Mozambique and in Tanzania, which almost cost him his life, and the treacherous circumstances that landed him in that hell. The Winds of Havoc is a story of Adelino’s steady disillusionment, as the beauty of Africa slowly gave way to political turmoil corruption and decline. But more than that, this book is a moving portrait of a life and time that are now gone forever. “In June 1973, a little over a year after my Apollo 16 landing on the moon, my wife and I arrived in Mozambique for a two-week safari with Safrique. Adelino guided us on an adventure that was almost as exciting as my walk on the moon. We were one of the last parties to hunt in a “hot zone” infested with terrorists. We were constantly on alert and the potential danger merely heightened our adventure. Adelino became one of my dearest friends. He is world class! The Winds of Havoc is a riveting account of his life.” Charlie Duke, Lunar Module Pilot

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 206 pages; photographs; fine copy

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