The Wanderers
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The Wanderers

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By Hoffman van Zyl

This is the story of the wanderings of two lifelong friends who had the courage to live their dreams in some of the last remaining wilderness areas left in southern Africa. South Africans Hoffman van Zyl and Gerhard Bolt set out on a series of adventures in the 1970s and 1980s to hunt dangerous game.  There is the trip to the Zambezi Valley in Mozambique in 1989 where they explored on their own with on the trackers as guides. Here they meet elephant, buffalo and lion. The friends are driven by a fascination they have of the life lived by the great hunter-explorers and enjoy the untouched African bush as much as the hunting. The Mozambique trip is liberally spiced with flashbacks, in the form of stories told around campfires and during tea breaks, from other adventures the friends experienced both together and on their own. These range from rescuing a fishing village from a marauding hippo to a hilarious attempt to call in a lion with an electronic call, to an encounter with a mysterious medicine man who may or may not have transformed himself into an elephant. This wonderful book will lead you to wish you could have joined the two friends in their adventurous wanderings.

Binding and pages: Hardbound; 226 pages; colour photographs

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