The Perfect Shot
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The Perfect Shot

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By Kevin Robertson

This best-selling book on shot placement for African game has been completely revised and updated with extensive additions to the text, 300 new photos of the animals, and revised anatomical drawings. The Perfect Shot II also has shot-placement details for a number of species not covered in the original edition, including blesbok, bongo, black wildebeest, grysbok, nyala, reedbuck, roan, and steenbok. The chapters on bullet construction and performance have also been substantially revised to cover the advances in bullet development that have occurred in the twelve years since the publication of the original edition. The book covers just about every animal you might hunt in Africa, from the big, dangerous species (elephant, buffalo, rhino, and hippo) to the large cats (lion and leopard) and from the largest antelopes (eland and bongo) to the smallest (duiker, grysbok, and klipspringer). Even Africa's more unusual species (giraffe, crocodile, zebra, and hyena) are covered in detail. Each animal is shown in at least one color field picture as well as a color ""ghost view"" that illustrates the shoulder bones, heart, lungs, brain, and spinal column. These views allow you to see precisely where to place your shot in relation to how the animal may be standing. Most species now have multiple illustrations from different angles for easier understanding of the different shot-placement options. The invaluable natural history section on each animal contains trophy-assessment hints as well as how to determine the sex of an animal. Other chapters include calibre and bullet selection, trophy handling, basic animal anatomy, and practical tips on how to make that ""perfect shot.""

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 378 pages; colour photographs

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