The Hunting Blackbeards
Rowland Ward

The Hunting Blackbeards

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By Brian Marsh

Botswana was one of the top hunting destinations in Africa. It has two of the greatest hunting habitats on earth - the Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari. The Okavango is a vast swampland of clear water interspersed with islands which plays home to lions, elephant, red lechwe and sitatunga amongst others. Here hunting is done on foot in the open flood plain or from a dugout canoe on the water. The Okavango is a world of its own and it is sheer heaven to spend time there. The Kalahari is famed for its black-maned lions, leopards and plains game such as the gemsbuck. This is a semi-desert area where new techniques in trophy-size judgement have to be learned as the distance magnifies everything. Brian mentions that even his tracker was fooled into thinking a caracal (standing about 20 inches at the shoulder) was a lioness. This book is about a family with a passion for hunting, the Bushmen of the Kalahari and the fascinating environments of the Kalahari and Okavango Delta. It offers an insight to Botswana over a period of 75 years and also passes on lessons learned from the Bushmen companions. There is no better book on the subject.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 272 pages; colour photographs; fine copy

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