That's Africa
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That's Africa

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By Anno Hecker

In the 1980s when a friend had wounded an elephant, he asked the professional hunter, a Maasai, whether he would allow Anno to finish off the wounded beast which had gone into the thick stuff. The Maasai handed over his .458 FN Mauser for the coup de grâce. As he was about to enter the thicket, Mfupa, the withered old tracker, wanted to guide him, an offer he kindly declined as he preferred to go alone on his last elephant hunt. Whereupon Mfupa, with a respectful look in his eyes, remarked, “Ah! This one is still one of the old hunters from very long ago.” For a long time Anno Hecker resisted requests from both family and friends to publish some of his African experiences to give them an idea of what the African wilderness, its people and game were like. At last he has done so. Although he was not one of the lucky fellows who was born and bred in Kenya, with the opportunity to hunt big game from his childhood onwards, Anno's stories are all that more exciting and interesting as he had to teach himself how to hunt as he went along. ""A day with Mr Hecker is equal to a whole year in Africa."" (Christopher Borthen, Editor of British Stalking magazine)

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 184 pages; photographs; fine copy

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