Some Lions I Have Met
Rowland Ward

Some Lions I Have Met

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By Gordon Cundill

Come suddenly upon a lion and you will note that he will almost not deign to recognize your presence. He will seem to look right past you or, if he does look at you it feels as though he is focussed on an object standing some distance behind you. If you are foolish enough to provoke him, it is his eyes that you will remember if you are among those fortunate enough to survive the experience. You have there at least part of the fascination of hunting a lion. In this book, the readers will be enthralled in, for the most part, all action, walk and stalk hunt stories taking place in Botswana. This is an exciting, specialist book on lion hunting for the lion hunter by an expert lion hunter. It contains many thought provoking and valuable lessons, for example, on calibres, cartridges and why not to use an over-and-under double rifle. These are not carefully edited stories where the PH and the client never put a foot wrong. No, these are graphic, here, now and in your face stories where you can almost feel the rumbles of the lion's roar in your chest and smell his paint-stripping breath at the end of a close encounter.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 250 pages; colour photographs

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