Months of the Sun
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Months of the Sun

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By Ian Nyschens

Ian’s career as an elephant hunter began in 1947 in Southern Rhodesia when he found a companion - Faanie Joosten - and the pair of them started hunting for ivory for a living. They roamed far and wide, often outside of the law, as far north as southern Tanzania and as far east as the coast of Mozambique. But Ian's stronghold was the thick jess bush of the Zambezi Valley, a place he loved more than any other. There, visibility was so poor that sometimes a hunter could be close enough to touch an elephant with the barrel of his rifle before he could see it. Ian’s life was one fantastic epic adventure after another. He once faced a stampede of seventeen furious elephants in reeds over twelve feet tall and had to shoot a “wall” of elephants to prevent him and his companions from being overrun. On another occasion Ian and Faanie developed a method of hunting crocodiles for their skins that entailed walking chest-deep into the Zambezi River at night. They would stand next to an anchored hippo leg and "brain" the crocs. In the end that got a bit too much even for Ian, and he gave it up as being too hazardous.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 410 pages; illustrations

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