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By Harry Manners

When young Harry was six, his family moved to Lourenço Marques, then the capital of Portuguese East Africa, now Mozambique, where his father worked as a shipping agent. Harry shot his first elephant when still a teenager using an old 10.75mm Mauser rifle, and he was so successful-the elephant had tusks of over eighty pounds per side-that this set him on his course for life. He began his career in 1937 and continued until 1953 when commercial ivory hunting was closed in Mozambique. With his beloved .375 H&H he hunted buffaloes for meat and elephants for ivory during this period. Thereafter, he was the first professional hunter to be employed by Safarilandia, the company owned by the famous hunter Werner von Alvensleben. During the years Harry was a professional elephant hunter, he shot approximately 1,000 specimens. Among his many magnificent trophies was an incredible pair of tusks that weighed 185 and 183 pounds, the fourth largest African tusks ever recorded.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 389 pages; photographs

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