Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu

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By Peter Flack

Written by some of the top professional and amateur African hunters, the object of this book has been to produce the definitive work on hunting the six kudu species and subspecies and, to this end, a number of experts – some 16 in all – have contributed brand new chapters to the book. They read like the Who’s Who of kudu hunting and include such icons as Anthony Dyer, Brian Herne, Robin Hurt, Alain Lefol, James Mellon and Tony Tomkinson, to name but a few. Apart from in-depth research on kudu themselves, there are chapters on “How To” hunt these incredible animals, Rifles and Ammunition, and Clothing and Equipment. Exciting accounts of successes and failures in the hunt for the plus 60 inch super bulls are included as well as further lessons sourced from hunters of yesteryear such as Selous, Swayne, Percival, Capstick and others. The book is complemented by outstanding photographs provided by some of the contributors as well as professional photographers and friends. In brief, after reading this book you will know as much as it is possible to glean from a book about hunting kudu – the glorious, great, grey ghost of the African bush, the top African antelope. This is the first in a five book series covering the hunting of all members of the spiral horn family. “Think again if you reckon you know all about kudu. I foolishly thought I did and I have been humbled. This book opened my eyes to my inadequacies. Beautifully written and masterfully assembled, this new work is a treasure trove of valuable information, useful hunting tips, tried and tested techniques and interesting anecdotes. So much so that I will never again look at kudu with the same eyes. Peter Flack's latest effort is destined to become a classic. This is the definitive work on these magnificent antelopes.” Kevin “Doctari” Robertson – author of The Perfect Shot

Binding and pages: Hardbound with dustjacket; 292 pages; colour photographs; used copy with wavy pages

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