Horn of the Hunter
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Horn of the Hunter

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By Robert Ruark

This is Ruark's most sought-after book. In the early 1950s famous newspaper columnist Robert Ruark and his wife, Virginia, went to British East Africa (now Kenya and Tanzania) for a nine-week safari with their professional hunter Harry Selby. The three of them, along with a group of native runners, a Jeep, and an old lorry, ventured into the bush for an adventure none of them forgot In this book Ruark shares with you the ferocity of the wounded buffalo and the acid sweat of fear. He was a journalist, author and big-game hunter who wrote from the late 40s until his death in the mid 60s. He was hugely popular during his lifetime. This book contains Ruark’s own tale of his first safari in Africa in the early 1950s and is an incredibly entertaining and detailed account. He discusses the regular comings and goings of the safari, but he talks about a wide range of other topics including his experiences in WWII in the merchant marine, Hollywood safari movies, the habits of various game animals in Africa, a bit about the diverse natives, and a host of other topics. It reads as if you are sitting with him around the campfire.

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; 315 pages; photographs

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