Heart of an African Hunter
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Heart of an African Hunter

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By Peter Flack

Peter Flack is an experienced African hunter and writer whose travels on the Dark Continent set him far above the pack. In this book he recalls his adventures in over eight African countries - Mozambique, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the CAR, as well as Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana - where he has hunted for all game, from the tiniest and often more challenging antelope to the largest rumbling pachyderms.

Besides spiral horned antelope and the Big Five, he also hunts unusual smaller antelope that he has christened the "Tiny Ten." Although not a PH, he has shot no less than fifty-one buffalo. His vivid text gives you an excellent idea of what it is like to follow a white rhino in South Africa or a giant eland in the CAR. This collection of Flack's writings covers so much game that after reading this book you will agree that the Big Five are not the only worthwhile African trophies.

Binding and pages: Hardcover with a dustjacket; 266 pages; photographs; fine conditions, with dj showing some marks

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