Baron in Africa

Baron in Africa

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by Brian Marsh

The adventures of Werner von Alvensleben, one of the great hunters and characters of the African bush. Werner von Alvensleben (1913–1998) came from a long line of German aristocrats. Yet far from enjoying a privileged and pampered existence, his life plays like a Hollywood adventure movie. A former SS member, he was imprisoned in Zimbabwe during World War II and escaped by digging underneath an electric fence in the rain and making his way by foot to Mozambique. He became an agent of the Office of Strategic Services of the USA, with the code name “Dram”. There is a report in the OSS files of 1940-1947 “discussing the accomplishments of, and the debt owed to, Werner Von Alvensleben (Dram), Maria Sousa da Costa, and G. E. Dedek for their work in Mozambique.

”After founding the famous Safarilandia hunting company, he guided a list of hunting luminaries that included Jack O'Connor and Robert Ruark. This book recounts his career as he attacks a man-eating lion, kills a full-grown buffalo with a spear, and hunts for elephant and ivory in some of the densest brush in Africa. 'Adventure and experience were what counted to the man they call ‘Baron,’ not money or fame; indeed, in the end he left Mozambique with barely more than the clothes on his back."

Binding and pages: Hardbound with a dustjacket; second edition 1997; photographs; inscribed and signed by Brian Marsh.

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