A Naturalist's Life Study
Rowland Ward

A Naturalist's Life Study

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By Rowland Ward

Rowland Ward was the pre-eminent authority on wildlife of his time. He recorded the history of his life’s work in this book for the interest of sportsmen and natural historians. He was a talented artist, creating dramatic exhibits of taxidermy and also sculptures, artwork and furniture made from animal parts. All these items are highly collectable today.Rowland Ward died in 1912 and very little is known about his life and the business that bore his name. Pat Morris published a book in 2003 using all the material and photographs he could find. This book is well worth owning along with the autobiography. This edition is faithfully reproduced from the original edition of which only 50 copies were produced in 1913.

Binding and pages: Hardbound; 228 pages; photographs

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